Topics of interest for each track include (but are not limited to):
Electronic commerce technology and application
Business Intelligence and Decision Making
Digital Economy
Accounting informatization
Intelligent information processing
Image processing and multimedia technology
Signal detection and processing
Communication Engineering and Technology
Information security
Computer network
Internet of Things Technology and Application
Automatic control technique
Computer vision
Data mining
Software development and design
Data structure and algorithm design
Blockchain Technology
Big data technology
Artificial intelligence technology

Each special session covers a separate theme and will be held on a separate schedule. Please contact the administrator of each special session for submission and other inquiries.

Special Sessions

1. Computer Vision and Image Processing
2. Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis For Quality of Experience
3. Socioeconomic Systems
4. AI in Computational Pathology
5. Human Readable Explanations in NLP
6. Supply Chain Management
7. Mobile Communication and Computing
8. Automated Software Engineering Technology
9. Ubiquitous Technologies and Services
10. Big Data and Database Technology
11. Artificial Intelligence and Interdisciplinary Research
12. Social Science and Humanities

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